Class Notes: Publishing and Writing Description

2013-11-14 10.07.58

First class: Welcome! You have a paper copy of the syllabus, and also you have the digital version you access.

*Note: If you have laptops, bring to class. Also hashtags #MexKy and #TacoLiteracy for your Instagram posts.

Writing about your favorite Mexican dish. Examples from class: fajitas, pozole, tamales, tortillas, chimichangas, nachos, churros, burritos, mole

Begin with some research via Google images.

Homework Reminder

1) create WordPress and Instagram accounts. 2) publish your first โ€œpostโ€ on WordPress. 3) Email the url to your website 4) Complete the link for the Doodle poll for Taco Adventure in Lexington.


*Continue with your favorite Mexican meal.

Use your senses.ย Describe a time you remember when having this meal. Publish as a post on your blog.




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