Class Notes: Publishing and Writing Description

2013-11-14 10.07.58

First class: Welcome! You have a paper copy of the syllabus, and also you have the digital version you access.

*Note: If you have laptops, bring to class. Also hashtags #MexKy and #TacoLiteracy for your Instagram posts.

Writing about your favorite Mexican dish. Examples from class: fajitas, pozole, tamales, tortillas, chimichangas, nachos, churros, burritos, mole

Begin with some research via Google images.

Homework Reminder

1) create WordPress and Instagram accounts. 2) publish your first “post” on WordPress. 3) Email the url to your website 4) Complete the link for the Doodle poll for Taco Adventure in Lexington.


*Continue with your favorite Mexican meal.

Use your senses. Describe a time you remember when having this meal. Publish as a post on your blog.




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