Sombreros & Mariachis

From lost notes:

Symbol of “sombrero” in the South. “heavy hangs the sombrero” in the South according to Arellano. Note the line of appropriation, but also in some ways cultural sharing or stereotypes.

First, a short video about the labor of making one of these specialized charro hats that are understood as mariachi or sombreros or Mexican for that matter. (Remember what’s the literary way of reducing a whole to a piece?)

Then there’s this: President Ramsey over at U of L, dressing up as “bandits” for Halloween, a photo published in the newspaper.

Maybe related to this is mariachis? Singing in English? What kinds of hats do they wear?

A “campesino” sombrero would not have as much decorative intricacy, would be made more than likely with straw, but they vary from region to region. As all hats, they vary:

“Charro” on Wikiwand. Note the variety of sombrero styles. 

We return this back to understanding that the birthday greeting with the hat is a joyous event . . . should we look at who laughs last? How does this event express community or goodwill?

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