Syllabus Announcement


NO CLASS : Jan 28


–But there will be some vlogs I post here to keep discussion going. Please feel free to leave questions or comments.

*Note revised syllabus on Taco Literacy website.



–Blog posts * IG posts DUE on Thurs Jan 28 (7PM)

–Assignment 1 on Feb 3 (6pm)


–Assignment 1 Specs


–Published as a PAGE on WordPress. (Feb 3 [Weds} 6pm)

–750 words long

–four images (from your IG or different) with captions

–Works Cited MLA format (big points for this!)



You must visit a restaurant and describe the meal, as well as the presentation, keeping a narrative of your experience. You can use dialogue, description, and also your senses to tell the story. You should also describe ingredients, and pay attention to presentation. Be sure to review the menu and link the restaurant if they have a social media presence.

You should end the piece with a recommendation for future visitors.

–It sounds like a simple review, but it can take many levels. Check this one out from Pete Wells of the NY Times about Señor Frog’s in Times Square “At Señor Frog’s in Times Square, It’s Spring Break Forever.” Wells is a master critic and funny.

2 thoughts on “Syllabus Announcement

  1. Some students are indeed cooking for their projects. Some have archived their work #tacoliteracy on Instagram. One student formed her own taco crew to cook some food during the blizzard we experienced last week. Students are picking up on the social cues of sharing and cooking food that intersect with stories and larger social issues concerning immigration, language, and power.


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