Taco Literacy Assignment Dos

What you’ve been waiting for, the grand announcement, the second assignment.

Here’s the formal prompt:

For this assignment, you’re moving further into evaluative and researcher mode. For this assignment, you are to engage with the history of a particular dish of your preference and further research into variances, local varieties, and the movement of the dish to different locations across Mexico and the United States. Put the dish in context in the styles Arellano describes in Taco USA. In addition, you must also research the production of ingredients and preparation of the dish. For those daring enough, multimodal projects are encouraged (see me if interested) but not required. Last point: you must also include five translations of words from Spanish, and describe the roots of words, making note of indigenous loanwords. The text should include 5 photographs embedded within the body of the page, as well as captions. The text must be 1,200 words and include correct MLA works cited and hyperlinked sources.


A good thing: we have some quotes from Arellano we worked from in class, and we have the author next class to answer some questions. You should start looking at ingredients, things like nixtamalization, or other ways of preparing corn, wheat, or flour. This will be a time for you to try looking up a different dish than the one you began the semester with.

I also encourage creativity, so cooking and documenting that can be part of the project if you are so daring. Let me know if you are interested.

*Menudo (as in the photo) would be one interesting sopa to study.

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