Assignment 3 Mid-Term

For Assignment 3, you have to parts to complete.


Part A, due 3/8, 5pm

*Next set of Instagram posts, focusing on second food review or class trip.

*Next set of blogs, focusing on 2 quotes from Planet Taco and your second food review.

*Must be following 100 accounts.


Part B, due 3/11, 3pm

Now that you have been engaging with texts and actual restaurants in Lexington and surroundings, this next assignment asks you to speak with an individual with deep connections to Mexican food and culture. You, along with a partner, will conduct an interview, and you will use this as a text to cite for a written profile. Your profile must quote directly from the interview, while also engage two quotes from Taco USA and two quotes from Planet Taco. With each of these, your portrait should focus on specific aspects of food connected to culture, history, geography, and migration. You must also include images from the interview, and relevant videos or maps that may connect to what you uncover.

MLA format

1,200 words



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