Taco Research

For this next assignment you are to conduct a literature review based on database mining. You are to focus on three articles and offer quotes from each. Like the previous assignments, you will also conduct research via video and image. Along with the three articles you found, you are to locate two video documentaries and three images that correspond with your investigations. This literature review will be published as a page on your blog.

You will have a series of aspects to accomplish in addition to this.

Tasks for Taco Research Review

  1. Locate three articles and read them.
  2. Quote portions of the article for “PIE paragraphs” or “quote tamales”
  3. Practice using subtitles.
  4. Practice the “academic title”
  5. Cite media sources in MLA format
  6. Practice hyperlinks for sources
  7. Practice adding captions to images/sources
  8. Make an argument . . . “I will argue that . . .”

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