Notes for Final Portfolio

For the final portfolio, and before your site goes “public” there are a few things to work on.


–Finalizing the visual preferences for your site (must have a site with a header image, update background colors, personalize site title

–Update your “About” page (include your contact info, as well as your Instagram handle). About page should also include the “about” for this page, what is the class, what are your “arguments” that one reading your site should take away?

–Order the pages, and update titles to pages

–Create a References page, where you will house all your sources from the pages you cited (removing works cited from bottoms of pages).

–Make revisions to previous assignments, update pages for most recent versions.

–Last food review post, highlighting your favorite meal/location, and use description/images to tell the story. Feel free to quote previous sources

–Last *page* to publish, class reflection. 600 words maximum, your thoughts on the course.



–Update your profile picture

–link to your WordPress URL in bio

–hashtag all your images #tacoliteracy

–must be following 200 different accounts related to tacos/food/Kentucky Mexican food

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