Notes for the Taco Camino


These are the details for the taco camino.

We start at 10am, and we’ll meet at Bella Puebla.

El Profe Robert wrote this piece about Bella Puebla. We’ll be there to try the tacos arabes. From there, we’ll walk over to Taqueria Sinaloense.

At this spot, I recommend the taco de machaca, which is a kind of dried beef, but in this taco made with egg, and on a flour tortilla. It’s not a very common type of taco to find in NYC. The Times wrote a review about this spot recently.  Next, for a kind of between snack before we head in to the city, we’ll head just a few doors down to Nieves Tia Mimi to try a small chamoyada. I hope it’s a warm day!

Last, we take the train to the City, to Times Square actually, to try a taco spot, a new spot for me, TSQ Tacos. The folks from The Sporkful arranged this, and I understand we’ll get to meet Chef Julian Medina. I believe that after this quick stop, we’ll head over to the roof of The Sporkful office to chat, finish up any questions you all have about the class, and with that, we’ll be off on our own to conquer the world. My hope is by 2pm latest, but hopefully ending closer to 1.


And, for your time, you only need to cover your MetroCard. The Taco Scholarship Fund will cover your comidas. 🙂

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