Welcome to the HSCL Taco Crew & “Ugly Delicious” Taco Literacy

A bigger Taco Literacy reunion today, and we barely had enough room to squeeze everyone in. But we did it!

We welcomed our guests from the High School for Community Leadership, HSCL, who will stopping by every other week to sit in taco class. On those off weeks, I’ll be meeting with them in a smaller group, to chat in more detail about the class, about college, and more. By more, stay tuned for next week where the HSCL crew and I take a small fieldtrip on campus.

The HSCL Taco Crew are on Instagram too:

@taco.torres, Samantha (nice profile image choice)

@taco_class_jake, Jake

@taco_tina_, Kristina

@tacodamien, Damien

@tacodelights, Nazeefa

@tacochan03, Matthew

@nats_tacos, Natalie

@tacoman982, Adnan

HSCL Taco Crew, be on the look-out for your Taco Comrades from SJU on Instagram. We’re all using the hashtag #tacoliteracy, so find one another, and some of our fans who join us in their Mexican foodways learning .

We took a small break from Taco USA today, but still got our does of Arellano in an episode of Ugly Delicious, as David Chang and company go on a taco odyssey. Here’s Chang on The Daily Show explaining his ideas about food conversations.

Here are some of the folks we saw on the show today.

@davidchang, David Chang

@gustavo_arellano, Gustavo Arellano

@sanchezrosio, Rosio Sanchez & @hijadesanchez Hija de Sanchez

@mariscosjalisco, Mariscos Jalisco

@reneredzepinoma, Rene Redzepi

@tacosarabes, Tacos Arabes de Puebla

@chefroychoi, Roy Choi

@barbacoachef, South Philly Barbacoa

One last link, to keep up a bit with Taco USA, below is the documentary film Tamale Lady about Virginia Ramos mentioned in the book.

Ms. Ramos passed away in 2018, and San Francisco still mourns for her.

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